Wooden SPA Solutions: Wooden Hot Tub, Baths,  Barrel

Saunas and BBQ grill supplier in UK!

With over 2000 prodcuts sold and counting (wooden hot tubs, wooden bath), Wooden SPA Solutions is the leader in the field of home Spa solutions in UK.

Our Products

“I wanted a low-maintenance tub. No electricity, no bubbles, just hot water.”
Jay Honeyman, Scotland
“We wanted a tub that was as natural as our surrounding area.”
John Pinnock, Scotland, Highlands

Top Selling Products

Our Hot Tubs

Compared to your average plastic spa, what we offer is truly extraordinary,— as exceptional as the people who use them.

Our customers

We truly care about our customers & end product which is why our product users love us! You will too!

Family Fun

Our products quite literally brings people together. You and your fellow hot-tubbers share the same experience and the result is usually enhanced closeness