Wooden bath

Wooden bath

Brief History of Bathing in hot tubs

In previous posts we’ve talked about the healing qualities of a hot bath and wooden hot tubs benefits. But Westerners weren’t always so conscious of the benefits of a good soak and bathing in hot tub.

The material was mostly inspired by the following article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathing
Sure, bathing was all the rage in the ancient world. Back then […]

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Japanese ofuro wooden hot tub

On our website we have a selection of wooden hot tubs called ‘ofuro hot tubs’.

Name and history of ofuro hot tub
Ofuro: a strange word. Where does it come from? Ofuro (お風呂) is a Japanese term for bath. The shorter, less formal term is furo (風呂).
Basically, they’re small hot tubs. In their most classic form, they’re […]

The Eco-friendly & Efficient Wooden Bath and Hot Tub

When the stress of the day has taken its toll taking a nice, hot bath is one of the only things you can think about. Now imagine submerging yourself into a beautiful and luxurious oak or Red Cedar bathtub; a tub that is classy, comfortable, and durable, like no other bathtub you have ever known. […]

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The storehouse of the exquisites: Wooden Spa Solutions

Your family is the most integral part of your life, yet the life of pace, hurry and haste seems to pull everything apart. At every step there is something or the other, namely, activities, friends, work and technology, which devoid you of quality time with your family and your near and dear ones. At this […]

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