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Yes that’s right, we do over 100 different models with many different features! New wooden hot tubs, baths designs, hand made BBQ grills, along with lots of love & a hefty sprinkle of pixie dust!

Beautifully Simplistic

Hot tubbing is a tranquil amalgam of sensory experiences you’ll come to love in the deepest sense: wisps of wood smoke mingling with rising plumes of steam, the rich aroma of spruce or larch, the silence of start-filled night sky accented with the occasional crackling of the wood fire, and the company of family and friends all sharing the same delights.

Natural Wood

Most hot tubs are shallow with molded-in seats that limit your movement as well as how and where you sit. Ours are among the very few tubs in the world still handcrafted the traditional way with snug-fitting wooden staves and bottom, banded together with stainless steel.

Heats with WOOD

We like to keep it simple. Heating water with wood is cost effective . It’s less harmful to the environment. And heating a  tub with wood adds a dimension to the hot tubbing experience other wooden hot tubs can’t match.

Over 2000 Purchases, We Know You’ll Love It!

  • An Exceptional Design Concept
  • Carefully crafted from finest grade wood
  • Each bottom board and tub stave is inspected
Wooden SPA Solutions UK has over 100 different models with many different features! New wooden baths designshot tubs, hand made BBQ grills. We’ve put lots of love into this!
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So What Else Does Wooden SPA Solutions Do? We’ll Tell You!

We have created leisure products that will help our customers to enjoy their life and experience something very special. Wooden SPA Solutions gives you the freedom to design the wooden hot tub you want as all our products are made to order. We’ve put a lot of thought and care into making our company a different one and our 2000+ sales are proof to that point. Whether it’s a wooden hot tub, bath or sauna, we know you will enjoy Wooden SPA Solutions products as much as we do.

It offers so many different options like any colour fiberglass liners, different types of heating, woods, steps and whatever you can think of. We also offer many different sauna designs that include changing rooms and cooling off areas. And of course it includes all of our pre made sauna designs. Wooden SPA Solutions also provides free support if you ever need any help.

Our mission is to take people on holidays in their own homes and deliver exceptional experiences through the range of our SPA leisure products in UK.
We promote an environment where we can push beyond boundaries and across borders to create wooden SPA products that help our customers to relax.
It is this belief that brings us together and sets us apart.
NATURAL tubbing: ease, peace & pleasure.             Some plastic spas come with TVs, lights, and stereo. We believe hot tubbing should be a pathway to relaxation and tranquility; a blissful opportunity to leave distractions behind.
We are deeply committed to meeting the requirements of our clients, and we constantly concentrate on customer satisfaction.
Quality is ingrained in the work of our colleagues and partners. We are dedicated to the delivery of quality products around the UK. Our manufacturing processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of all our customers.
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Why choose Wooden SPA Solutions

  • Our team of craftsmen have over 15 years of experience in what we do
  • We use highest quality, certified wood for all of our products (especially wooden hot tubs)
  • Best quality material is not everything! We have best equipment too!
  • Environmentally friendly: for every tree we cut down we plant 2 more
  • Our customers recommend us: as we offer the best value for money in UK
  • We are eco-friendly company and will always be- that’s our promise!
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Openair wooden hot tub

Openair wooden hot tub