Barrel Saunas

Royal Barrel Saunas
Royal Tubs presents a luxurious addition to your home: The Royal Barrel Sauna!
Pamper yourself with our wooden barrel sauna that will turn your home into a luxurious spa. Our elegant designs will make you the envy of your neighborhood, and you will absolutely love the benefits that come with owning a Royal Sauna. We design our saunas with you in mind, and want to make sure that they not only look wonderful but you feel comfortable in them as well. We offer not only an electric burner, but the option of a wood burner for your sauna as well! Throw a log in, relax and forget the expensive cost of heating your sauna!
The Royal Barrel Sauna comes fully assembled, and features:
• Several different elegant designs
• Windows to enjoy your view
• Optional outside terrace
• Optional wood or electric burner
• Comfortable benches
• Made from the best wood available!
Our saunas are available in Spruce or Larch wood, which are strong and durable! You won’t regret stepping into the comfort and warmth, and it will become an absolute necessity in your life once you experience it for the first time. Add to the beauty of your home, by adding the elegant and modern barrel sauna to your yard!
Royal Tubs pays careful attention into every detail, to manufacture only the best. Relax in our amazing barrel sauna, and slip into the deep sweat that you are looking for. Browse our several wooden barrel saunas, and buy one today!

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