Wooden Hot Tubs in UK

Nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a wooden hot tub to soak all of the stresses of the day away. We craft the finest handmade wooden hot tubs in the United Kingdom, and it would be a pleasure to build one for you to unwind in today.

The heat from a wooden hot tub can relax sore muscles and a stiff body from stress. Not only is it beneficial for your body, but it is a luxurious addition to your home. The handcrafted wooden hot tub is a beautiful feature to your outdoor oasis, and you will not regret slipping into the warm water.

Why hot tub from WoodenSpaSolutions?

Wooden Spa Solutions builds wooden hot tubs with the finest wood available that can stand up to the test of time. We craft our tubs with Siberian spruce and larch, which is known for its sturdy durability, healing properties, and it creates very little resin for easy cleaning!

Our wooden hot tubs features:

• Elegant Beauty
• Study wood that will last ages!
• Built in stoves for heat
• Top quality wood
• Numerous sizes, ranging from a 2 person to 12 person tub

We produce not only the elegant wooden hot tubs, but the wood fired stove for heat! Buy wooden hot tub and you won’t need to worry about paying the high electricity bills, just throw a log on the fire and relax!

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