Heating a pool can be an expensive undertaking and, with rising energy costs, many pools across the country now go unused for most of the year, their owners no longer able to afford the cost of keeping it warm. Fortunately, there is now an affordable, economical solution – wood fired pool heater. A wood fired swimming pool heater by Wooden Spa Solutions can be used to heat either an indoor or outdoor pool. All that is required is connect the inlet and outlet lines to your current water filtration / circulation system and you’re ready to go!

Hot swimming pool is not a luxury

Many people choose to install their wood fired pool heater in the changing room area. Doing so provides the additional luxury of a cosy warm changing room, and heated towel waiting for you after your dip. Wooden Spa Solution’s pool heaters are designed to be very efficient and can burn any type of dry wood, converting virtually all of the fuel’s potential energy into heat at a rate of 80kW. Once the fire is fully ablaze, it is so hot that virtually all the fuel is consumed and the boiler will not produce any visible smoke. However, it is recommended that you do not use green wood or coal, as these can leave a thick, tarry residue inside the burner and require more frequent cleaning.

Wood fired pool heater will save your money

The majority of grid energy, be it gas of electricity, is not renewable, it removes carbon that has been stored in the ground in various forms and releases it into the atmosphere. Wood sourced from a managed woodland is renewable, as for every tree that is cut down, at least one more is planted to replace it. So now you can have a warm, welcoming pool all year round with a minimal, or even negative, effect on your household’s total carbon footprint.

Additionally, as energy prices soar, it is now cheaper to heat your pool with wood than it is to do so with gas or electricity powered boilers. With a little leg work, your savings can be further increased if you take the time to find a local business that produces a lot of waste wood, such as old pallets. Often they are more than happy for you to take the wood for free and avoid paying for its removal themselves.

Easy to use

A Wooden Spa Solutions wood fired pool heater does not require a separate header tank or a heat sink radiator, cutting the cost of installation. It’s sizeable firebox and can take large lengths of wood and when full will continue to burn for quite some time, heating a small pool of up to 10,000 gallon by one degree an hour, and larger pools, up to 23,000 gallons, by 0.5-1 degree, depending on the conditions. You can also install one of our wooden hot tubs beside the pool and utilized the wood fired pool stove to bring your tub up to temperature.

Don’t let you pool sit go neglected! A Wooden Spa Solutions wood fired pool heater can keep it warm all year round, saving you money and protecting the environment.