The majority of our wooden hot tubs packages come with wood-fired stoves. Why are we such a big fans of them?

As always, a little bit of a history about wood-burning hot tubs

The idea of wood-burning hot tubs comes from Scandinavia, but is increasingly popular all around the world.

Indeed, wood stoves have a deep history. They represent an evolution of the earliest efforts of humans to contain and maintain fire. In 1642, a foundry in Massachusetts first built a box from cast iron plates for the purpose of burning wood inside. In the mid eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin, more widely known as one of the founding fathers of the United States, invented the modern wood-burning stove. He refused to patent his invention. Since then there have been a number of functional and aesthetic improvements to the stove, but his legacy is still strongly felt.

Using a wood-burning hot tub means engaging with this rich history, and besides, there are a number of aesthetic and functional benefits to this means of heating your hot tub. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Because you don’t require an electrical or natural gas connection- just some dry wood- to heat your tub, there’s no extra utility bills involved.

Rather than a sudden heat that you often get with electrical or gas heating, wood-burning stoves provide a steady, natural-feeling warmth which many prefer.

Wood Burning stove Heater

Wood Burning Heater

Why wood-burning hot tubs are eco friendly

The soft, murmuring crackle of burning wood is a gorgeously relaxing sound to listen to whilst sitting in the tub, perhaps after a difficult and stressful day.

Wood-burning wooden hot tubs just feel more authentic, more rustic, closer to the rhythms of nature. Relaxing in a wood-burning hot tub is an excellent way to be free of the trappings of a fast-paced modern life, and reconnect with the simplicity of the natural world.

Also, the light smell of burning wood around make you relax more as long as this smell reminds you about the barbecue and a hiking trip. An electrical hot tub does not create such an atmosphere.

Of course, smoke can be an irritant. Not only is it aesthetically unattractive, it damages the environment and can be hazardous to your health. So long as the wood is dry, however, you should be able to avoid these problems.

What’s more, wood-burning wooden hot tubs are eco-friendly.  That’s right: these flames are not only red but green too. Wood is a natural source of renewable, sustainable energy. The Forestry Commission makes sure wood is gathered responsibly without depleting our precious forests.

Indeed, maintaining our forests is so important- not just to satisfy out need for fuel and building materials. They are vital supports for the ecosystem. The oxygen produced by trees is essential to the survival of other plants and the world’s animals- including us. Forests provide habitats for wildlife, creating shelter from the wind and rain and shade from the sun. They are the pillar of a variegated and complex ecosystem. Forests are also part of the world’s rich natural beauty. We couldn’t in good conscience support the depletion of this vital natural resource. We are committed to luxury and relaxation being an eco-friendly pursuit.

That’s why we prefer wood-burning stoves over any other means of heating your tub. The CO2 released by burning the wood is no more than would be released if the wood were simply left to rot. The solar energy that has already been stored to support the tree’s growth is now released, adding to the natural balance of the climate rather than introducing an excess of CO2 into the atmosphere. In other words, wood-burning stoves are carbon-neutral.

Wood-Burning Hot Tubs: Luxury at Low ExpenseAgain, smoke here can be an issue. Smoke represents much-needed energy being wasted- just spewed into the atmosphere, rather than used to heat your tub. Dry wood contains thirty per cent more energy.

So, to get the best out of your wood-burning wooden hot tub, here’s what we recommend:

Make sure the wood you use is totally dry before burning it. You can make sure of this by ordering the wood a year in advance and stacking it properly to ensure that it air dries. This way you’ll always have a stock of perfectly dry and therefore energy-efficient wood.Wood burning wooden hot tub with internal heater

Wood-burning hot tub is fully autonomic,  sure if you have wood. You do not need anything – just water and some wood to make the water warm.

Clean the chimney regularly so it doesn’t get clogged up with debris.

Control the temperature in the hot tub by changing the size of the fire, rather than- as many are tempted to do- loading up the stove and then adjusting the damper until the temperature is right for them.

The damper controls the flow of air into and out of the stove, controlling the speed of burning and the heat of the flames. Though this seems efficient, because it restricts combustible air from entering the stove, it actually produces more smoke-a health hazard and a danger to the environment. Instead, it’s more efficient and better for you and the environment to make smaller, hotter fires. Make sure you regularly monitor the stove. This way, you’re using fuel that would otherwise be spewed out of the chimney and fly up uselessly into the atmosphere. Not only is this efficiency better for the environment, it saves you money on wood.

Wooden Spa Solutions and our wood-fired wooden hot tubs

At Wooden Spa Solutions UK, we believe that rustic luxury should be affordable.

We believe it should be eco-friendly, and present no risks to your health.

That’s why we are wood-burning hot tubs fans. Have a browse of our website with its wonderful selection of inexpensive rustic hot tubs, heated with a wood-burning stove. After a busy and stressful day, there’s nothing more reassuring than reclining in the heat of water warmed by an energy efficient wood stove. Trust us on this one.