Deluxe Off-Grid (Black Friday Special + a free gift)


Deluxe Off-Grid (Black Friday Special + a free gift)


The Deluxe Off Grid Package is the perfect union of modern convenience and an age-old ritual of relaxation.  With our UK-first acrylic liner, integrated external stove and warm thermowood exterior cladding, this package delivers a tub that’s built to last as long as the countryside it nestles into.  

Weathered Charcoal
Pearl White
Metallic Grey
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The Pinnacle Of Luxury
In Your Own Back Garden

Enjoy your own place of peace with this stunning tub, built with relaxation in mind. Scandinavian thermowood meets an interior shaped for comfort, creating a luxury centrepiece you’ll never want to leave.

The comfort-moulded acrylic liner is robust and resistant to UV, chemicals, and accidental scratches, while the upgraded stove will deliver once-in-a-lifetime memories, again and again.  You only need logs and a hose to bring this tub to life, making it perfect for retreats off the beaten trail, or simply those who prefer a slower pace of life.


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