Many of our tubs are made from western red cedar. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest revered the wood, calling it the “tree of life” or “life giver”, and used the timber for the majority of their building needs. It was a favoured material for house-building in centuries gone by, both for Native Americans and the early pioneer settlements.

Why natural wood hot tubs

For bathing, you want a wood that you can touch, and western red cedar is very smooth. Lying against the side of your tub, its soft surface will comfort you: no chafes or scratches.

We prize aesthetic pleasure when constructing our natural wooden hot tubs: visually, western red cedar ranges in tone from light amber to deep honey brown. These warm hues perfectly complement the hot baths you’re sure to enjoy in its embrace. Intricate grain patterns in the wood create a gorgeous rustic appearance to meditate on whilst you relax. And its unique, sweet scent will enchant you and help you drift into cosy repose; no man-made wood can match that aroma.

wooden hot tub snow

Winter wooden hot tub with snow

What makes this natural wood ideal for hot tubs?

What’s more, western red cedar lasts. The timber is naturally resistant to rot, decay, mildew and insects, because it contains natural compounds called thujaplicins which makes the wood especially durable.

It’s naturally stable too, so it will stays straight and sturdy regardless. This wood endures for decades- sometimes even centuries. It’s resilient, whatever the climate, so you’ll have no worries if you plan to keep your natural wood hot tub outside. And it retains heat longer, so you’ll save energy. You won’t be running the tap again and again just to stay hot.

More and more, cedar is an eco-friendly choice. Cedar is ultimately biodegradable, and it’s produced by a sector that’s increasingly environmentally aware.

So that’s why we use cedar for so many of our tubs. Sturdy and aesthetically beautiful, this natural wood is the perfect material for luxurious bathing. 
 Let the “life giver” bring life to your baths- and to you.