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“My family bought a huge 6 person hot tub Jacuzzi for their place a few years ago. It has a bunch of jets, a few different settings and some lights that also have settings. Thing is… It took a moving crane to get the thing into the back yard. I don’t want to know what that costs, and the used tub was still in the thousands. The other thing is, there aren’t six people living in the home, nor are there ever that many guests over to use the thing. Right away you can already see the waste. I’m not saying that it isn’t enjoyable and relaxing, but they should have bought a wood burning wooden hot tub.

Do you want to kn0w why better to buy wood burning wooden hot tub?Buy wood fired wooden hot tub

Here’s why.

First off, a wood burning wooden hot tub doesn’t need any power. You just burn wood to heat it and wood fired wooden hot tub have many advantages. Right there is a lot of money saved. In addition you’ve got the great smell of a fire, combined with relaxing in a nice hot bath! You’re relaxing and saving money!

The chemicals that go through our hot tub are horrible. Not only do you continually have to put more in as you use it, but it always does a number on your hair and skin, unlike normal water; which is exactly what a wooden hot tub uses. Just normal water is all it takes; sure there’s some more maintenance required, but only draining and refilling it; with some scrubbing and occasional soaping in between.

After a while one of the pressure buttons on the controls to my families hot tub broke; some moisture got inside or something we aren’t sure; but we do know that a new part to fix the issue costs over £300.00… we still haven’t replaced it because half the jets work, so do the lights, and the temperature control is fine too. With a Wooden Hot Tub, we wouldn’t have to worry about easily broken or damaged electrical parts, nor do we have to worry about the costly replacements. You just heat it with wood, and clean it when you’re done with it. Quick, simple, and no expensive parts!

The real benefits of a Wooden Hot Tub are in its simplicity. Most people get a hot tub or a spa to relax and unwind, and you should certainly be able to! A wooden hot tub allows you to do just that!

What it doesn’t do:

    • make you have to fight with chemicals to keep the water just right, but it still smells like a tub full of chemicals.
    • give you costly bells and whistles that can break down and cost an arm and a leg to replace.

It’s simple and straightforward, fill with water, heat with fire. Drain. Rinse Repeat.

So why we decided that wood burning hot tub worth it?

A Wooden Hot Tub is worth its weight in gold; they can be as big as you need them to be. They can have most any option you’d really need, and they won’t break the bank to operate. All they really need is a little TLC, and with that, they can do what they were meant to do; and that’s to take care of you and relax! So if you’re out there, wondering what type of hot tub to buy; do yourself a favor and buy a Wooden Hot Tub to see for yourself why they are really worth it!”

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