Garden outdoor wooden hot tub

Garden outdoor wooden hot tub

Soaking in an outdoor wooden hot tub at the end of a stressful day is the ideal way to relax. But wooden hot tubs aren’t without hitches.

What about all those times when your hot tub’s not in use? When you’re having dinner outside, when you’re gardening, when you’re taking in the sun with a good book? Avoid taking care of your hot tub and it could be an eyesore in an otherwise pleasant garden scene.

How can you dodge this aesthetic mishap? Fear about exactly how to situate a wooden hot tub in the garden is one of the main reasons people hesitate before buying one.

That’s why in this post we want to make a few suggestions – ways you can integrate an outdoor wooden hot tub into your garden. So that even when you’re not soaking, the tub is a beautiful addition to an outdoor sanctuary.

Here we go…

Tips to situate the wooden hot tub in a garden.

Proper placing is key. Try to situate your wooden hot tub in your garden without leaving all of its sides exposed. Already existing walls and railings are very useful for this purpose. A wood enclosure can be used to cover up the remaining side. This way your hot tub remains discreet, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

You could even build a small outdoor spa. This will separate your hot tub from other parts of the area- the patch of grass where you like to chill out or the outdoor dining area. Create a gorgeous grotto like the one shown below:

Outdoor garden wooden hot tub
Soon enough your guests will want to join you there for after-dinner drinks.

Outdoor wooden hot tub with beautiful view

Outdoor wooden hot tub with beautiful view

Ugly vinyl covers can be a real problem. Just buy a wooden cover for your hot tub and it will look much nice in your garden. You can even convert it into a sun deck. Now your hot tub’s multi-purpose: a deck for when you want to catch the rays, and warm bath when you want to soak and relax.

There’s another way to blend your hot tub seamlessly into the garden landscape. Something of an Expert Option, this one’s only for the brightest among you. Try integrating a water feature into your wooden hot tub.

Add a fountain to the tub and build its drainage system into the same vault that houses the tub. Ingenuity and creativity it will require- but the payoff is huge.

These are just a few ideas we had- ways to adapt a wooden hot tub to your garden to beautify rather than offend it. If you have any more tips of your own, let us know and we will share them with our site visitors.

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