Home improvements, like remodeling a kitchen, or updating a bathroom can add value to your home and be worth the investment in your home. But what about hot tubs? Is a hot tub just an entertainment piece, or can it actually help add to your property?
Aside from being an excellent way to relax and unwind, a hot tub can actually be a great investment. While it’s true that there is a notion of novelty involved with hot tub ownership, there’s actually quite a few benefits that purchasing a wooden hot tub can afford you.

Why Wooden hot tub?

Wooden hot tubs have a history, as the first models were crafted from wood. They are still popular today for the rustic look they provide, as well as being easily customizable, and incredibly durable. Wooden models are typically easy to set up, and are available from specialty retailers. Wooden hot tubs made from redwood, cypress and teak are the most durable, and can resist cracking, chipping, and fading, bubbling and staining, unlike their plastic counterparts. Additionally, many wooden hot tubs have separate heaters, which can be powered with either gas or wood.

What’s the Investment?

There’s really no way to mathematically determine if a hot tub affects a property’s value, however, it can be used as a luxury amenity should you ever decide to sell your home, hot tub included. A house for sale with an included hot tub is likely to be more desirable than those without. The investment factor of a hot tub is similar to that of a car. It’s a personal investment, as well as a health investment.

Hot tubs are extremely beneficial to your health, which has been backed by research, showing a decrease in stress, blood pressure and an increase in circulation and general well-being. So, as a car can save you money on commuting costs, a hot tub can decrease the amount of doctor’s visits.
Also, wooden hot tubs do not depreciate as quickly as other personal investments, such as a vehicle. Whether you want to resell the hot tub privately, or offer it as a trade-in, you’re likely to get a pretty reasonable price if you’ve invested in a quality hot tub.

Also, the portability of the hot tub means that it can be taken with you if you relocate properties, and have chosen not to sell your personal oasis. Wooden hot tubs are similarly priced to other types of hot tubs, so if you’re considering taking the plunge, you should go all out and invest in the hot tub that offers a wide range of flexibility, customization and quality. Wooden hot tubs deliver personal luxury with a reasonable investment.
Often, people purchase other entertainment equipment, such as sound systems, pool tables, boats, and the like, without considering the true investment “worth”. A hot tub can give you all the enjoyment of other home entertainment items, while making your home more desirable, and improving your health in the long-term. There’s no better investment than a happy, healthy, life.

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