When the stress of the day has taken its toll taking a nice, hot bath is one of the only things you can think about. Now imagine submerging yourself into a beautiful and luxurious oak or Red Cedar bathtub; a tub that is classy, comfortable, and durable, like no other bathtub you have ever known. Now is the time for you to experience the wonderful benefits of owning your own gorgeous wooden bath.

Only the finest oak and Red Cedar are used in crafting your bath

Not only are the two woods known for their aesthetic perfection and powerful strength, both woods are able to retain heat in an incredibly efficient and enduring manner, even longer than porcelain! Our baths will not distort or lose their shape, and they will retain their beautiful finish and appearance for years to come.

An Eco-Friendly Product

Because of the materials used and care taken in the construction process our wooden tubs are eco-friendly, playing a proactive part in preserving our resources for the better and improving the environment. Our wooden tubs are designed with the environment in mind, and using only materials which are conducive to a healthy planet either through recycling or recyclability is essential to providing a product which is in keeping with our vision.

Will it cost a bundle to use and maintain?

Not only is wooden tub use inexpensive overall, its use will result in lower bills than you are used to seeing. While the baths are deep they are spacious, literally requiring far less water than you would expect, and because they retain the water’s heat for extended periods of time you can relax and soak to your heart’s content without wasteful refills just to get warmed back up.

Off-season use

Speaking of retaining heat, these luxurious baths do the job so well they are wonderful for a hot soak on colder evenings. Our wooden hot tubs are also a wonderful, economical alternative to the traditional hot tub, saving energy and money while looking simply incredible with its rustic design and charm.

The Perfect Wooden Bath for You

Our selection of premier wooden tubs, baths, and hot tubs will simply amaze you. Any design and shape you could possible imagine is available to you, and the self-standing appearance allows for versatility in your home décor. Check out the incredible beauty of the wooden baths available for your enjoyment; there is a perfect wooden bath or hot tub for you, ready and waiting!

Functional, beautiful, and affordable too!

Take a look at our wooden baths selection and see what we have to offer. Regardless of your taste or need there is a wooden bath perfect for you that suits your budget. Browse our extensive collection and compare the baths which interest you. If you have any questions one of our customer service staff will be happy to help you find a product you can afford and love.


Take advantage of the wonderful value, the extraordinary beauty, and the efficient functionality of a wooden bath. You will be able to let your anxiety and worries slip away as you indulge yourself in the most wonderful soak of your life any time you want or need to. Get your gorgeous wooden bath today!