10 Tips for choosing a Wooden Hot Tub

Hot Tubs are by far some of the most relaxing ways to unwind after a long day, or even just a frigid cold one; and if you’re thinking of buying one you’ve got a whole host of options ahead of you to choose from. We’re going to try and cut down on some of the work for you so you can get straight to relaxing and enjoying a new Wooden […]

Is a Wood burning wooden Hot Tub really worth it?

We have found the story below at one of the UK forums.
“My family bought a huge 6 person hot tub Jacuzzi for their place a few years ago. It has a bunch of jets, a few different settings and some lights that also have settings. Thing is… It took a moving crane to get the thing into the back yard. I don’t want to know what that costs, and the […]

How to build wooden hot tub (DIY)

Looking for some tips how to build wooden hot tub?

We want to share some of the main steps to build wooden hot tub DIY.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a successful bit of DIY. And nothing more relaxing than soaking in a wood-fired hot tub. Why not put the two together and build your own wooden hot tub? We’ll show you how.

While some who build their own hot tub use […]

Wood-Burning Hot Tubs: Luxury at Low Expense

The majority of our wooden hot tubs packages come with wood-fired stoves. Why are we such a big fans of them?
As always, a little bit of a history about wood-burning hot tubs
The idea of wood-burning hot tubs comes from Scandinavia, but is increasingly popular all around the world.

Indeed, wood stoves have a deep history. They represent an evolution of the earliest efforts of humans to contain and maintain fire. In […]

How to Integrate Your Wooden Hot Tub Into Your Garden

Soaking in an outdoor wooden hot tub at the end of a stressful day is the ideal way to relax. But wooden hot tubs aren’t without hitches.

What about all those times when your hot tub’s not in use? When you’re having dinner outside, when you’re gardening, when you’re taking in the sun with a good book? Avoid taking care of your hot tub and it could be an eyesore in […]

Brief History of Bathing in hot tubs

In previous posts we’ve talked about the healing qualities of a hot bath and wooden hot tubs benefits. But Westerners weren’t always so conscious of the benefits of a good soak and bathing in hot tub.

The material was mostly inspired by the following article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathing
Sure, bathing was all the rage in the ancient world. Back then it often had a religious significance.

Ancient bathing in hot tubs on the West and on […]

Japanese ofuro wooden hot tub

On our website we have a selection of wooden hot tubs called ‘ofuro hot tubs’.

Name and history of ofuro hot tub
Ofuro: a strange word. Where does it come from? Ofuro (お風呂) is a Japanese term for bath. The shorter, less formal term is furo (風呂).
Basically, they’re small hot tubs. In their most classic form, they’re short, steep-sided wooden hot tubs. They look like wooden boxes.
In Japan, they have an ancient […]

Natural Wood Hot Tubs from Western Red Cedar

Many of our tubs are made from western red cedar. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest revered the wood, calling it the “tree of life” or “life giver”, and used the timber for the majority of their building needs. It was a favoured material for house-building in centuries gone by, both for Native Americans and the early pioneer settlements.
Why natural wood hot tubs
For bathing, you want a wood that you […]

The Eco-friendly & Efficient Wooden Bath and Hot Tub

When the stress of the day has taken its toll taking a nice, hot bath is one of the only things you can think about. Now imagine submerging yourself into a beautiful and luxurious oak or Red Cedar bathtub; a tub that is classy, comfortable, and durable, like no other bathtub you have ever known. Now is the time for you to experience the wonderful benefits of owning your own […]

Wood fired swimming pool heater

Heating a pool can be an expensive undertaking and, with rising energy costs, many pools across the country now go unused for most of the year, their owners no longer able to afford the cost of keeping it warm. Fortunately, there is now an affordable, economical solution – wood fired pool heater. A wood fired swimming pool heater by Wooden Spa Solutions can be used to heat either an indoor […]

Why a Wooden Hot Tub Is a Great Investment

Home improvements, like remodeling a kitchen, or updating a bathroom can add value to your home and be worth the investment in your home. But what about hot tubs? Is a hot tub just an entertainment piece, or can it actually help add to your property?
Aside from being an excellent way to relax and unwind, a hot tub can actually be a great investment. While it’s true that there is […]

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs
Many people associate hot tubs with relaxation and comfort, as the concept has been used throughout history to help people de-stress. From the ancient Greek baths to the modern hot water jets we find in houses worldwide, hot tub technology has outlasted other spa techniques and improved over time.

Research has shown that soaking in a hot tub can have a variety of health benefits, aside from […]

The storehouse of the exquisites: Wooden Spa Solutions

Your family is the most integral part of your life, yet the life of pace, hurry and haste seems to pull everything apart. At every step there is something or the other, namely, activities, friends, work and technology, which devoid you of quality time with your family and your near and dear ones. At this juncture, owning a spa in your backyard can help you. A hot tub is specially […]

Wooden Spa Solutions Announces the Launch of New Website

Wooden Spa Solutions Announces the Launch of New Company Website
Market Harborough, Leicestershire – United Kingdom – 5 October 2014 – Wooden Spa Solutions, an established leader in Health Spas and Outdoor Recreation, today announced the launch of a new website to provide customers with a vivid display of their spa and grilling products. The website can be viewed at http://www.woodenspasolutions.co.uk.

“We are excited to announce our new website,” said Andrew Kairys, […]