Hot Tubs are by far some of the most relaxing ways to unwind after a long day, or even just a frigid cold one; and if you’re thinking of buying one you’ve got a whole host of options ahead of you to choose from. We’re going to try and cut down on some of the work for you so you can get straight to relaxing and enjoying a new Wooden Hot Tub!

    1. Wood Type

      Since we’re certain you’ll go with the traditional Wooden Tub, the first thought you need to consider is the wood! Most commonly it’s Spruce while it has some swelling and contraction in different weathers it’s still widely used and is quite available; this makes it the cheaper of several options. Other woods fair better and require less strict maintenance, such as Larch wood. However the best option would be thermally treated wood; but that’s going to raise the price of your tub substantially. Your choice of wood, can also help in the aromatic enjoyment of your tub, keep that in mind as well; as this is all about enjoyment after all

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    1. Tub Size

      A simple matter but one that you should consider as this too is going to add to the not only the pricing of your tub, but also the time spent cleaning and maintaining, as well as the time it will take to heat and use it. A good rule of thumb is aim for a tub that would fit your family in it, and perhaps another guest or two. This way, you’ve always got enough room for yourselves, and any guests who might like to enjoy the tub as well!

    2. Location

      Once again this is a consideration aimed at your enjoyment; since you’ve most likely will have an unpowered Wooden Hot Tub, so long as you have a firm base to place the tub on, you can feasibly put the tub anywhere you like; considering all of the advantages of placement, surroundings, the view. You aren’t constrained by having to run electricity to a wood burning hot tub, so you can make sure you’ve put the tub in the best possible place.

    3. Interior Stove or Exterior Stove

      The decision to place your stove either inside or outside of your tub has several impacts. An interior stove will take up space for anyone using the tub, and it does require some stirring to disperse the heat during the setup process as the element is stationary. Exterior stoves give you the benefit of more space inside the tub itself, and can be modified to distribute the heat evenly around the tub, this does however take up more space around the outside of the tub, and could potentially make it more difficult to place the hot tub at a more suitable location.

Fiberglass wooden hot tub with internal stove

    1. Powered or Unpowered

      Just like anything else these days, the modern creations have joined the old. You can get an electric powered hot tub if you’re so inclined; allowing the use of more accessorising options; like jet systems, filtration systems, interior lighting, sound systems as well as many other options. Having a powered hot tub is obviously going to increase the costs for not only the initial purchase, but also the upkeep as well.

    2. Customisation

      While some of the accessories that most modern spas include do require power, that isn’t the only kind of customisation that wooden hot tubs offer. Unlike moulded spas, you can choose the exact height, and sizing of your tub, and its seating. You can also chose to arrange jet locations if they exist to exact where you want them to be.

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  1. Aesthetic Pleasure

    There’s something to be said for the perfect visuals associated with lounging in a hot tub. You’ve already got your choice of placement, but with a Wooden Hot Tub now you get that added aromatherapy of the wet and heated wood; the crackling sound of the burning wood and the smell. A beautiful rustic looking tub is the perfect addition to any country home, or vacation get away as well. It’s quite simply one gorgeous sensory package; designed for you to do one thing. Enjoy!

  2. Maintenance

    While modern tubs and spas require all manner of chemical agents to keep clean and usable; a wooden hot tub just needs water. Pure simple water right out of the tap, granted there is regular upkeep in the form of draining and scrubbing. Wooden hot tub maintenance as simple as every three uses; or once a month. The savings on chemicals alone are one major benefit of a wooden hot tub!

  3. Cost

    A new Hot Tub is an expense there’s no glossing that over; but as far as Spa’s and Hot Tub’s go; Wooden Hot Tubs are on the lower end of that spectrum, depending on what options you include. You don’t need continual chemical infusions to keep them clean and you don’t need to run power to them 24/7 to keep them hot either. Many can come ready to assemble, alleviating the need to hiring a moving crew, or knock out a house wall to get it where you need to.

  4. Your opinion

    Ultimately this is for your enjoyment, and that’s why the final tip for choosing a Wooden Hot Tub is up to you. We’ve given you some reasons why you may want to choose one for your back yard, or your vacation home; but ultimately you need to enjoy it, with as much enjoyment as it will give you. You need to pick a spot for it, find what options you want, and get yourself into a hot tub today; we just figured a Wooden Hot Tub would be the best way to do it!

Old fasion outdoor wooden hot tub with cover

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